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"AMG It Burns!"
This picture does NOT reflect our raiding philosophy. 2010 Cataclysm banner.

Created by: Mirajj
Why are you looking at my octopussy?
2010 Cataclysm banner.

Created by: Leapra
"Your Face Is a Setback"
Molten Core, Black Temple, and Icecrown were clearly only setbacks. 2010 Cataclysm banner.

Created by: Milchamah
"KN Gang"
Wrath and anger everywhere ... yet we're still so cute! 2009 Wrath of the Lich King banner.

Created by: Mirajj
"Under a Mushroom"
Duuude ... look at the size of these shrooms ... 2009 Burning Crusade banner.

Created by: Avalantia
Thursday, July 30, 2015

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KN Nukes Nazgrim!

We strolled over the General!

KN Defeats H Iron Juggernaut!

We Marched over Heroic Iron Juggernaut!

Fig and Thraz gloat over H Galakras

Figurine and Thrazidun have defeated Heroic Galakras!1!!!!! Oh and the rest of the raid helped but they were so excited to move on to Heroic Iron Juggernaut that they didn't stay for our killshot :(

Keine Neuen Garrotes Garrosh!

Great job everyone,  Garrosh has fallen.  Othinsson has been growing his progression beard and now it is time to shave :)  See you in Heroics!

KN Overcomes Sha of Pride

Keine Neuen Overcomes Sha of Pride

25man Tortos Crushed

We have made the transition to 25 man raids this week!  Thanks all who participated and thanks to Othinsson and anyone else who helped with recruitment.  We have taken down Tortos :)  our favorite boss to screenshot, clearly.

Tortos: Snapped

Much to Grimsight's dismay, a giant Turtle has collapsed under the awesome might of Keine Neuen. We were only trying to help him squeeze out of the cave! We are now 4/12 and progressing strongly thanks to the help of our newest recruits: Serrii, Khazrah, and Healwink.  Let's keep killing animals and get a Hyrda and a Bird down this next week!

The Thunder King Arises!

When Pandaria separated from Kalimdor many thousands of years ago, a veil of mist kept outsiders from discovering the newly-formed continent. The mists also hid the site of an ancient evil: Lei Shen’s Throne of Thunder. During his rule, this fortress was the seat of the Thunder King’s power. Great swathes of corrupted energy lingered long after his death, and now, the resurrected Thunder King and the Zandalari trolls intend to harness that energy to reestablish Lei Shen’s reign.

Learn More about Patch 5.2 and the newest raid: The Throne of Thunder!

Below the Thunders ...


Reforging and Gear Optimizaton

Reforging, introduced in the Cataclysm expansion, allows undesired stats on gear to be exchanged for more useful stats. It allows 40% of a secondary stat, such as critical strike, dodge, haste, hit, parry rating, or spirit, to be exchanged for another secondary stat. Reforging is handled by NPCs known as Arcane Reforgers located in the major cities. The cost of reforging an item is equal to it's sale value. Stats can only be exchanged for other stats which are not already on the gear.

There are two very useful tools to help you determine which and how much of any secondary stat you should reforge - WoW Reforge and Mr. Robot.  Each of these utilities will also help you with gear optimization, gemming, enchanting, and determining your BiS items.

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Latest Message: 2 weeks, 6 days ago
  • Sutiru : Tanaan seems like the kind of word I end up with when my scrabble hand sucks.
  • Sinaz : Run Away Little Girl! Run Away.
  • Sutiru : Sometimes in my sleep I hear DBM noises.
  • Hsyr : Blorange
  • Duhhm : What rhymes with orange?
  • Narcissora : W00t! Raid tonight!!!
  • Narcissora : ohaithar!
  • Hsyr : Duhhm! Me miss you!
  • Duhhm : Only queue that is good is a bar - b - queue... Meow =^~^=
  • Hsyr : BUT - the queue is really light at 8:00 am!
  • Hsyr : 2:45 PM Saturday: 4600 in queue, 436 minutes to log - in!
  • Wiggs : News on the Xpac!!!! I logged on at 5:30's now 8:30 server and I'm still at 3,300 in the que (started at 5,525)....absolutely rediculous
  • Inferi : There seems to be a problem with the registration page. My human is trying to join us, and it won't let him make an account!
  • healwink : what's the news on next exp. anyone getting it? anyone playing eso now? when exp comes out will the guild be raiding?
  • Grimsight : No one home
  • healwink : Anyone home?
  • healwink : what the hell is going on?
  • Abeyspriest : 11.13.14 - WoD Release Date!
  • Thrazidun : PRINGLES: The only chip company in the world that doesn't sell air.
  • Abeyspriest : 8 stacks of Golden Lotus and Int flasks deposited
  • Duhhm : Help the Guild Bank: Golden Lotus, Silkweeds, Green Tea Leafs
  • Thrazidun : Happy Purim!
  • Wiggs : Um...yeah...Bronze would have been nice...
  • Duhhm : And they get to keep the Biebs as well LOL =^~^=
  • Thrazidun : sorry wiggs its not on purpose! hey, at least you guys won bronze for hockey.. right?
  • Wiggs : *sigh* Canadians are so arrogant...and they think they are so funny all the time....
  • Thrazidun : HEY WIGGS!!! Who won the mens hockey game today???
  • Wiggs : I keep getting that message about the drivers when I use to load WoW...
  • Symmone : Why are my drivers not up to date? Who can I blame!

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